Michael Book Recs

michael_nielsen on Twitter: "@albrgr Richard Rhodes' "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" is extraordinary My favourite scientific bios are Gleick's "Genius", on Feynman, and Skideslky's abridged Keynes." / Twitter — Read on mobile.twitter.com/michael_nielsen/status/1244141467645313024

USA COVID-19 Response Similar to WW2

Rajat Suri on Twitter: "Positive American thought of the day: even in the two World Wars, the US was late and slow to act initially....but mobilized rapidly and motivated its best people to figure out solutions to the hardest problems, with great results" / Twitter — Read on mobile.twitter.com/rajatsuri/status/1244018995545563137

Having a leader whose base holds them to a low standard (PG)

Paul Graham on Twitter: "Something I didn't fully realize till the past month: it's dangerous to have a leader whose base holds him to a low standard. If Trump's base insisted he take charge of the Covid-19 response, he'd have to. But since they're satisfied with press conferences, that's all we get." / Twitter —… Continue reading Having a leader whose base holds them to a low standard (PG)

When Einstein Was Just Another Physicist 

AROUND 15 OR 20 years ago, in the early aughts of this century, it was faddish in certain corners of the history of science to write biographies of obscure figures. The idea was that understanding the life of run-of-the-mill researchers would tell us more about how science actually operates than would studies of rarefied individuals.… Continue reading When Einstein Was Just Another Physicist